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Lead-Time: Please be aware that with the current supply chain issues in the Electronics Industry, lead-times can vary. I try to keep the webshop up to date with stock levels, but if you are in a hurry, drop me short whatsapp to confirm the status of the product you are interested in.

Please do not buy-to-try – Amazon can do that but not a small shop like mine. If you can’t come to the shop and you are not sure about your choice: contact me. I might be able to send you a demo unit to try.

Payment Methods: I believe banks don’t deserve to get 3%-5% profit out of our love for the music. That is why I keep them out of my house and offer only iDeal, Bank Transfer and (transfer-) WISE. If you have any question, concern or request concerning this, please contact me. Thank you for your time!

Also contact me for a Personal Consultation or an Audition in the Listening Room in Amsterdam.

Also if you have any question about the Webshop:

Stefan Mobile/Whatsapp +31(0)6 83 90 92 66.

All prices are in Euro incl VAT . If you shop from outside the EU ex VAT prices are applicable: This can be calculated by dividing the displayed price by 1.21

Please contact me for any such orders:


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