Music Sources

These are the sources we use during our headphone demonstrations

Linn Klimax LP12

A true Classic in the Top-End ConfigurationĀ 

Sondek LP12 turntable
Keel machined sub-chassis and armboard
Radikal motor control unit & power supply
Brushed DC motor in acoustically isolated housing
Ekos SE precision tonearm
Kandid moving coil (MC) cartridge
Urika II Moving Coil phono stage built-in to suspended base.

Take a seat and enjoy the music

Roon Music Player

Roon combines your local music files with your TIDAL stream. The interface is as close you can get to holding your LP sleeve in hand. And the puristic approach to issues like file transport or MQA treatment brings your PC / NAS set-up a huge step closer to being a true HiFi component. And to top it off, go straight to the Nucleus made by Roon.

Take a seat and enjoy the music

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