Campfire – Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’


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An all-new chapter in the story of Andromeda from Campfire Audio, Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’ is awash in new features inside and out, drawing from our past and signaling the future, the tides of the Emerald Sea bring both fond memories and optimism for what is to come.

  • Five Custom Dual-Diaphragm Balanced Armatures
  • ‘Andromeda Green’ Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners and Spout Assembly

Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’

The Extrordinary Adventures of Captain Francis Aristarchus

While mentally conversing with the Cosmic Nudibranch about the scarcity of water and life in the universe, Captain Aristarchus was invited to imagine two planets that share a single ocean where spacefaring beings from across an entire galaxy gather to celebrate. Inspired by his curiosity, the hospitable organism splashed through the aether of the Milky Way and emerged deep within the Great Nebula of Andromeda.

Here two diminutive water planets share such an intimate orbit that their numerous moons periodically create an atmospheric ocean.

The nudibranch rained him down to the surface onto a glistening green beach where lifeforms of all shapes, sizes and colors were well underway, enjoying the festivities. As the waves on the horizon crashed higher and higher into the sky, Francis was swept up by a group of revelers as they boarded all manner of crafts to chase this levitating ocean.

Beyond the last moons, where the droplets of one sea become another, everyone leapt from their vessels and swam in the hope of being the first to cross over.  Regardless of their anatomy, all participants wore a device that ensured their safety by modulating tremendous differences in pressure and temperature to provide a steady flow of breathable air.

Here on Earth, this device cannot prevent drowning but does promise exquisite vibrational realities.


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