Audiovalve RKV HAA Edition


Stefan says:

The RKV Headphone Auditions Amsterdam Edition is my biggest Pride and Joy! It is the most affordable way to do justice to your demanding ultra-High End Planar Magnetics like the Abyss, Susvara and excels also an number of other Planars and low impedance Dynamics…

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OTL – transformer outless tube amplifier ( signal closed feedback loop in OTL concept )
Double mono construction
Alps volume control ( or remote control as option )
Output: 2 pcs. 6,3 mm stereo / XLR combi jack and 4 pin Sennheiser jack for headphones
Input: 2 pairs of cinch and 1 pair XLR inputs
Tubes: actual 4 x 6F5P (ECL85) earlier time: (PCL 85 or 18GV8 )
Power output: each channel 8 watt on 220 ohms load per channel
Bandwide: 15 – 100 000 hz
internal resistance: 0,3 ohms

2 x 8 watt / 200 ohms load
Distortion 0,002 % at 1 Watt-200 Ohm load
Max. output voltage 100V

Sens. 0dBm
IC – OPA134 – AC/DC controlled – full autom. – controlled bias
Class – a / minimum load 35 ohms – maximum load 2000 ohms

Power consumption min. 60 watt
Size 360*200*120 mm (d.w.h.)
Weight 6kg
Patent full automatic servo tube biasing ( 1982 H.Becker )

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