Lindemann Limetree Bridge


The Limetree BRIDGE is a high-quality network adapter designed to transfer music from streaming services and local storage media digitally in studio master quality to existing D/A converters or other devices with digital inputs.


Product Description

Lindemann Audio Limetree Bridge is a network adaptor that allows you to transfer digital files and music from streaming services in true studio quality to your DAC or other digital devices.

Upgrade your older devices

For those with older Lindemann units such as the 820s and 825, and those with a CD player or a converter that has a digital input, the Limetree bridge makes it possible to play back high resolution files.

Digital Inputs

This network adapter supports LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth and PCM 384 and DSD 256. Bluetooth function offers wireless playback from mobile devices and the digital output offers excellent sonic performance due to the superbly low jitter levels.

Lindemann App

The Limetree bridge is easily controlled through the the exclusive Lindemann app, compatible with both iOS and Android. It features a browse and play view that allows you to scroll through your music collections with ease. Album-oriented function lets you play a full album with the touch of a button. Multi room feature allows you to play from multiple streamers in different rooms whilst streaming from Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer or HighResAudio.