Riviera Labs – AIC10-Bal


Stefan says:

This is it. 

A short FAQ:

Q “Does that mean that you cannot outperform the AIC10-Bal on a AB1266TC or Susvara?”

A: “No, but it will take a very deep pockets and a very unexpected set-up to do so… I can show in the shop…”

Q: “But what about all the tube amps for the states that everybody writes about and that can’t be auditioned anywhere?”

A: “Once you hear the AIC10 this question is no longer relevant.”

[Side-Note: None of these have CE and cannot be legally imported into the EU. Customs may not stop you but if your tube amp overheats your fire-insurance better not get wind of it…]

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Headphone Integrated Amplifier

Power 10-10W/8 ohm
Zero Feedback
Pure “Class A”
Hybrid design (Triode, BJT, Mosfet)
1 Balanced line input (XLR)
2 Line Input (RCA)
Balanced and ¼ inch unbalanced headphone connectors
Switchable loudspeakers output
Dimensions: 26×43.5×14.5h cm. Weight: 14.4 Kg.