Fidelice by Rupert Neve – The Precision Headphone Amplifier




Give your headphones the power & clarity they deserve.

Your headphone amplifier is as important to your music’s final sound quality as your headphones – yet the world is full of headphone amps with compromised sonics, headroom, and power. To address these shortcomings, Rupert and his team at Rupert Neve Designs developed the Precision Headphone Amplifier.

Based on the headphone output circuit in Rupert Neve Designs’ acclaimed 5060 Centerpiece Desktop Mixer, the Precision Headphone Amplifier is a dedicated 24V reference-quality headphone amplifier with specifically-calibrated inputs, housed in a beautiful aluminum & mahogany chassis.

With effortless, wide-open sonic performance and the ability to drive any pair of headphones without compromise, the Precision Headphone Amplifier allows you to enjoy your music with a new level of clarity.



For much pro audio and high-fidelity equipment, the headphone output is an afterthought. Most products with integrated headphone amps have large feature sets, small footprints, and relatively low price points. This leads to comprised power and audio quality of the headphone amplifier itself, which can lead to a number of issues in real world usage such as low headroom, unreliable performance, and a lack of focus.

The Precision Headphone Amplifier was made to accomplish one simple purpose: making any headphones sound their best.

As a dedicated design, the Precision Headphone Amplifier is tailored to deliver extremely high quality, powerful amplification, with precise calibration for any source input. This exceptional level of quality lets a listener appreciate the full depth and detail of a recording, inspires an artist to give their best performance, lets an engineer make better choices in mic placement, or gives a mix engineer reliable translation of equalization and dynamics adjustments.



In addition to being able to drive a massive variety of headphones without sacrificing performance, the Precision Headphone Amplifier is also capable of receiving a wide array of signals with its three inputs: +4dBu balanced line, unbalanced RCA, and 3.5mm (⅛”), each perfectly calibrated for optimum level and impedance.


Fidelice by Rupert Neve Designs