Meze – Elite (Aluminium / Tugnsten)


Stefan says:

I believe Antonio succeeded in making those little shortcomings of the Empyrean disappear. Better separation in the bass and a better stage make it worthwhile going Elite – and then that fit!

You can choose your stock cable:

Empyrean OFC 4-pin XLR 2.5m
Empyrean OFC 6.35mm 2.5m
Empyrean OFC 3.5mm 1,3m

or upgrade the cable with a Meze cable. Contact me for details!

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What Antonio says:

10 years ago, we made a commitment to break the barriers of the audio industry. Our products were made to amaze, inspire and transform each listening into a multi-sensory experience you can get lost in. With a “no-compromise” mindset, driven by our love for art and sound, we are committed to building one of a kind headphones using innovative designs and technologies that perfectly complete each other to create pure emotion.

“With ELITE, we’ve created something that transcends all barriers of headphone design and engineering and moves to a new, artistic, graceful level. Following in the footsteps of a successful partnership, together with Rinaro Isodynamics we managed to exceed our expectations once again and create something for the ages. It’s not mass production; it’s the craftsmanship that sparks the magic and wonder in ELITE, what makes it exciting, and these are values that we choose over any shortcuts.”

Antonio Meze,
Lead Designer and Founder of Meze Audio

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Aluminium, Tungsten