For the APERIO headphone, Warwick Acoustics had two primary design objectives:
1) the headphone must provide the optimum mechanical and acoustical conditions for the BD-HPEL transducer that enable the best audio performance and sound quality possible to be achieved and,
2) the headphone must be comfortable for the user, even under critical monitoring conditions, for extended periods of time. 

BD-HPEL Transducer

The new Balanced-Drive HPEL Transducer for greater output capability

Injected Magnesium Ear Cups

Low weight, outstanding comfort and durability

Ear Cushions

New air-sealing design for ideal LF performance

Headphone Comfort

Minimal weight, optimised geometry for superior comfort and adjustability


The APERIO is a complete sound reproduction system, thus the electronics are optimised specifically for the APERIO headphone. Every element of the sound reproduction chain between raw audio data input (from an analogue or digital source) and output to the headphone is included and fully optimised within the APERIO electronics. 

Every functional sub-section of the electronics has been designed to state-of-the-art standards, without compromise. 

Cutting-edge Components

Only the finest active and passive components are utilised in the APERIO

Analogue Line Output

Features a novel Class A circuit outputting high voltages

Dual 32-bit, 8 channel DACs

One per channel utilised in dual mono configuration, to achieve a SNR of 131 dB.

Input Cables

All cables are custom designed utilising superior SF/FTP construction