Tago Studio「T3-02」


I’m proud to be TAGO-Studio’s only point of sale outside of Japan! After their stunning Closed Back Model T3-01 they again created a completely outstanding product: The IEM T3-02:

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In the spring of 2017, the T3-01 headphones, which were developed and announced for the ultimate natural sound unique to TAGO STUDIO, received the support of many people, and were very well received. . And the next thing we thought was whether we could realize the natural sound of the T3-01 with a highly portable canal type earphone. The “T3-01” is intended for outdoor use, while the “T3-02” is intended for outdoor use. We considered that an earphone with high sound insulation performance is not necessarily a quiet environment, and that it has high sound insulation performance outdoors, where it is necessary to consider sound leakage to the surroundings, as a particularly important factor. In terms of design, design, and tuning, we tried and tested the best sound for the outside environment and pursued the ultimate natural sound that we could carry around without compromising.

The soundproofing performance required of a recording studio is of a very high level, and it is necessary to prevent sound leakage inside the studio and to be quiet so that no outside noise can be heard. General professional recording studios including “TAGO STUDIO TAKASAKI” have a floating sound insulation structure that allows another room to float in a room, so-called “BOX-IN-BOX structure”, in order to achieve this level of soundproofing performance. The building structure called “is used. The “T3-02” applied this “BOX-IN-BOX structure” to earphones, and succeeded in significantly improving the sound insulation performance by installing another earphone (core unit) in the earphone.

Wood Faceplate

The housing of “T3-02” is made from solid maple wood, and each peace has a different grain and color.

Driver unit Φ10mm
Approx.19.8 g (excluding cable)
Type Closed dynamic
Output sound pressure level 112dB SPL / mW
Cable about 1.2m Y type YMMCX detachable
φ3.5 mm gold-plated stereo mini plug (L type)
Frequency characteristics 20Hz-20kHz
Maximum input 200mW
Impedance 32Ω
Accessories Earphone cable (attached to the main unit)
Silicon ear tip SpinFit S ・ L size (M size is attached to the body)
carrying case
instruction manual


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