Spirit Torino – Valkyria


You can only understand what is going on here when you come to the shop and have a listen.

The Valkyria is – to me – a completely different approach to High-End Head-Fi and a Must-Audition next to the Big Guys on the Block: Abyss, Susvara, Aperio, SR1a which I have all on Show in the Shop.


The Valkyria is the Culmination of the Dreams of  Headphone Visionary Andrea Ricci of Spirit Torino. His dreams have taken shape in Titanium and sound like a Dream indeed.

Also it has become the Dream of many Headphone aficionados around the World.

When you listen to the Valkyria, a few long valid laws of the Head-Fi physics need to be reviewed and tested in the context of a new reality:

  1. A Headphone cannot be worth more than 8.5 k€
  2. A High-End headphone needs massive amplification 

These two assumptions were a fact of life – until the arrival of the Valkyria:

Now there is a 10k€ exVAT headphone – that could seem discouraging to many who are on the pursuit of the best head-fi experience.

… and thank the Head-Fi heavens there is a point 2, as it comes to our rescue: While you realistically need a massive investment in amplification to run a High-End Planar, the Valkyria comes to full bloom on a Lotoo LPTG Titanium. and that not also provides preciously unknown transportability and flexibility, but als gives the budget a completely different appeal: All of a sudden you get a full system for the price of a Riviera AIC10 (which is what most of my customers end up with on their AB1266TC or Susvara).

So, is the Valkyria 

  1. just insanely expensive or 
  2. part of the most cost efficient High-End Head-Fi system on the face of the earth…?

You will have to come to the shop to LISTEN and find that out for yourself!


Spirit Torino