Spirit Torino – Superleggera


Available in many colours, contact us for details.


The SUPERLEGGERA draws on the design experience of Spirit Torino to bring all of the qualities of the Spirit Sound into a headphone engineered for mobility.

We are very proud of the SUPERLEGGERA and of its exhuberant character. SUPERLEGGERA has the ability of transforming daily hurdles into an opportunity to listen to one’s favorite music, releasing daily stress with its passionate, substantial and engaging sound.

Every build detail has been studied to achieve a timbric balance and an unparalleled speed while keeping an essential factor in mind: fun. All our headphones have in common what we call the “Spirit Sound” or an innate sense of rhythm, with the dynamic impact of a live event

Weight: 360gr
Impedance: 32 Ohms
System: open circumaural headphone with Twin Pulse Isobaric System technology.
Max. power handling: 2000 mW
Frequency response: 25-20.000hz
Connections: 4 pin XLR, 3.5mm jack, 6.3mm jack, 2.5mm Trrs jack
Head band: natural premium leather with sliding adjustment.
Pad: circumaural ZF Foam with anatomical shape (machine washable 30 °)


Spirit Torino