RIKE Audio Kaja 20PP · Tube integrated amplifier


Please inquire bout production lead-time!


The rather unknown 6S19P (6С19П) from Russian production is used as the end tube – a real insider tip. And in addition, in the case of a (thanks to the used military versions with high durability only extremely rarely) necessary replacement also super cheap! Of course, also in the model Kaja the noble capacitors are used, for which Rike Audio is highly appreciated worldwide for many years in hi-fi and high-end circles. The Kaja 20PP is a compact (W 24 x H 20 x D 41 cm) integrated amplifier with 3 line inputs. Thanks to the generous power transformer and the massive output transformers, the pointer of the scale comes to a halt at a proud 14.7 kg.


Rike Audio