InEar Stagediver 5 Mahogony


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StageDiver Series – the ultimate hearing experience!

The most lightweight, most powerful and best fitting IEM! Forgetting that you wear them makes you just enjoy playing music. German high end engineering art as an unrivaled offer.

Dive into music with the InEar StageDiver Series!

Looks like custom made, sits stable and secure. The base for the housing was
developed by overlapping hundreds of different scans from ear impressions.
Several prototypes were manufactured in-house and tested on customers to find the perfect fit so the monitor will not move. At the end of the development cycle InEar had created an almost perfect to the anatomy of the ear universal monitor.

For the optimal fitting in the ear canal, the StageDiver comes with four different
eartips: XS // S // M and L

Advantages of the StageDiver series
perfect sound quality created from high-end drivers and frequency crossover
components that are precisely tuned to one another
excellent elimination of surrounding noise
easy-to-replace cerumen filters protect the in-ear from getting blocked up:
we recommend ordering a filter set with your purchase
high-end cables are easily replaced
StageDiver-S series
To fit the unique sound of the SD-3 technology into a smaller housing was an extreme challenge, and the quality of the music did not suffer, “reached the goal!”. Just listen to the SD 3 and get amazed. Even younger ears will have an experience.

Optional extras
Cerumen filter set
Cleaning products
Spare-cable black, transparent


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