InEar ProPhile 8


The InEar ProPhile 8 is always on show in your listening lounge.


To achieve a studio reference tuning across the
whole frequency range, we have equipped our InEar
ProPhile-8 with a 4-way crossover and 8 balanced
armature drivers per side. Additionally, there are two
switches on the inside of the earphone to separately
boost low frequencies by +3dB and high frequencies
starting at 8 kHz by +2dB.
Based on a linear reference tuning for professional
mixing and mastering, you can choose one of totally
four different sound signatures to adjust to your audiophile
preferences outside of the studio. You will
rediscover your music thanks to easy natural reproduction
of music in highest resolution, uncovering
of subtle details, breathtaking transparency, huge
soundstage and perfect imaging!

The matt housing of the ProPhile-8 is based on our
„StageDiver“ series, which has established itself internationally
as a reference for best fit and comfort
among universal in-ears.
We implemented a special cerumen filter in the Pro-
Phile-8 to prevent earwax of entering the earphone.
Blocked filters can easily be replaced by yourself in
just a few steps.
Comes shipped with: ProPhile-8 earphone, 4 pairs
of silicone ear tips (sizes XS, S, M and L), 3 pairs of
Comply TS400 foam tips (sizes S, M and L), gold-plated
1/4‘‘ adapter, 3 cleaning cloths, InEar hard case
IE13, cerumen filter set H3.

System 4-way crossover with 8 drivers per side / 2 switches for sound tuning
Transmission range approx. 10 Hz–20000 Hz
Output sound pressure 120 dB
Impedance 34 ohms
Cable length 4‘7.5“


InEar Germany