FIR Audio M4


FIR Audio – Tubeless Design – Priceless Performance !

Find out why Top Musicians and Recoding Engineers switch to FIR Audio within a minute of listening to these IEMs!

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Musicality at the four-front.

Placing a priority on an engaging, musical tuning, the M4 pairs 4 drivers with FiR’s unique technologies to achieve the best rendition of this tuning possible. Utilising a dynamic driver for well-extended and highly textured lows, this is paired with 3 balanced armatures covering the midrange and high frequencies, tuned for a smooth, vast and yet highly resolved sound signature. The internal design is constructed with our proprietary tubeless design and the 3rd generation atom pressure release system, lending the musical sound an even larger soundstage presentation and a pneumatic pressure-free listening experience best suited for vocalists, keyboardists, guitarists and audiophiles.


FIR Audio