Erzetich – Thalia


In the Headphone World, it is not easy to find a really good on-ear headphone.

But the THALIA plays so good and fits so nicely!

It excels on portable devices and will become your faithful companion for long walks and those days just relaxing in the park!


World’s first handcrafted audiophile headphones, made to be used on-the-go with portable devices.​
Pair them with a good portable DAC and you will take an audiophile system in a bag wherever you go.

The Story

She’s the daughter of the all-powerful Zeus. Our Thalia is also born of power. She is the development of our existing headphone models, Mania and Phobos.

But Mania and Phobos, for all their majesty, are big and power-hungry. They need a dedicated amplifier to run them optimally.

We wanted you to be able to take our equipment with you on the move. There began the birth of Thalia – the portable headphone which doesn’t compromise. Our goal was to produce smaller headphones, true to our signature and successful design, without the need for an amplifier. The portable device itself had to be enough to power them. They also needed to reflect you and your style, hence the two different wood finishes: linden and spruce, later joined by a black version.

It has taken time. It has taken love and dedication. But here we are.

Our signature

With our open cup design, the sound stage is large. Yet they won’t completely cut off the sounds of the outside world which can be dangerous, especially in urban environments. Our octagonal cups are our signature. In Thalia this is paired with exceptional quality and design of cabling; these headphones are connected to your portable device via silver-plated oxygen-free braided copper wire with gold-plated connectors.

Your style

Thalia is your music, your way. Choose between three finishes: Tilia (an immersive dark, linden wood), Salvage (an airy light, recycled spruce wood) and pure Black.

40 mm titanium coated driver
Wooden cups
Sturdy metal framing
Detachable silver-plated oxygen-free-copper cable
Tuned for portable devices
2-year limited warranty
Made in EU
Completely serviceable
12-hour burn-in

Technical Specifications:

Impedance: 32 ohm
Driver: Dynamic 40 mm, titanium
Cup system: Open
Weight: 270 g
Character: Controlled bass, velvety mids and detailed higs
Suggested amp coupling with: portable devices