dCS Lina Headphone Amplifier


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Compare dCS’s Lina Full Set to Chord Electronics’ DAVE, Mola Mola’s Tambaqui and NAGRA’s Classic TUBE Dac and my preferred R2R DACs on Grimm’s MU1 and Riviera’s AIC10bal


Our powerful solid state amplifier is designed to drive even the most sensitive headphones to their full potential

Drives a vast range of headphones, including IEMs and planars
Complements virtually any headfi setup
Unique design offers exceptional sonic and measured performance

• Low output impedance ensures optimal sound with a huge range of headphones – including highly sensitive models

• Solid state design provides consistent, clean performance

• Choice of inputs caters to a variety of digital sources and audio setups

• Class AB design with DC servo system delivers high power efficiency and excellent linearity

• Billet Aluminium chassis reduces risk of electromagnetic interference

• Transparent performance faithfully mirrors the sound of your chosen music and headphones

Dimensions / Weight
121.5mm (H) x 220mm (W) x 356mm (D) / 7.5kg

Headphone Outputs
• 1 x dual 3-pin balanced XLR, right and left channel
• 1 x single 4-pin balanced XLR
• 1 x single 1⁄4” (6.35mm) headphone jack

Signal to Noise Ratio
110dB 20Hz-20kHz A-weighted
(referenced to 6V rms balanced input and output)

Analogue Inputs
• 1 x stereo pair unbalanced RCA, input impedance 48kΩ
• 1 x stereo pair unbuffered balanced XLR, input impedance 16kΩ
• 1 x stereo pair buffered balanced XLR, input impedance 96kΩ

<0.005% @ 1kHz 6V rms balanced output into 30Ω (80kHz bandwidth) Frequency Response 1Hz-100kHz Better than +0/-3dB