Air Tight – HJB-1 – Headphone Junction Box incl 6x SIN Audio Cables 50 cm


The HJB-1 of Air Tight makes your ATM-300R a Top of the World Headphone Amplifier incl specially tuned SIN Audio Cable trees of 2×3 cables.

Now Exclusively Available at Headphone Auditions Amsterdam.

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The creation of this Junction Box started in 2019 when I had the pleasure and the honour of having my friend and inspiration Yutaka Miura, Managing Director of Air Tight and true Japanese HiFi-Aristocracy in my little shop of wonders.

When I showed him what an Abyss AB1266 sounds like on his fabulous ATM-300R, he exclaimed: “Oh, it sounds like two channel system!” 

In that moment the idea of a Junction Box was born. Yutaka bought himself an AB1266 and started developing. 

The result is quite a game changer in two ways:

First for all ATM-300R Owners, since they now happen to have also an absolute Top Of The World Headphone Amplifier. Just add an Ab1266 Complete or a Susvara with the Cotton Candy cable and you will not find a better Headphone Set anywhere.

And then, you guessed it, it is also a Game Changer for the Headfi Market.

The Junction Box is designed to be placed between the amplifier and the speakers, allowing you to switch between the low and high impedance of your ATM-300R for the speakers and 2 different setting for your Headphones. Your Speakers are muted when your Headphones are used and vice-versa.

Completed with a specially selected cable by SIN Audio makes it a plug and play upgrade.

The Units measures

in cm: width 24,5 / depth 19,5 / height 7.5
2,17 kg

in inch: width 9.65 / depth 7.67 / height 2.95
4,8 lbs



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