Private Listening Session

An exclusive evening for one or two persons.
Experience High End Headphone Systems like:

Abyss AB1266 complete on elevenXIaudio Formula S & Powerman
Audeze LCD 4 – Focal Utopia – Meze Empyrean on Chord DAVE + MScaler
Diana Phi on A&K SP1000m and XIaudio Broadway
Mysphere 3.2 on A&K SP1000m
Sonoma Model One
Sennheiser HE-1

A nice glass of wine, cold beer,
…an unforgettable audiophile experience.

€50,- per evening, max 3 persons

deductable on your purchase

Headphone Auditions Amsterdam

@ Concerto Audio
Utrechtsestraat 40
1017 VP Amsterdam
M: +31 683909266

K.v.K. Amsterdam 70928940
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