Private Listening Session

Special Limited Edition: Orpheus - Shangri-La Sr - Aperio


From October 1 to 13, 2019

Every evening from 9pm to ‘Roundabout Midninght.

An exclusive evening for one or two persons.

For the 1st time ever together in one room:

Sennheiser HE-1 Orpheus (€60.500)

Hifiman Shangi-La Sr (€50.000)

Warwick Acoustic Aperio (± €25.000)

Hifiman Susvara on Air Tight ATM 300 Reference (± €23.000)

Abyss AB1266TC Complete on XIaudio Formula S (± €16.600)

Hifiman Shangri-La Jr (€ 9.000)

RAAL Requisit SR1a on their Prototype Amp (±€5.000)

Special Guest: AudioValve Solaris Amplifier (± 5.000)

Source: Qobuz & HiRes files on Chord DAVE (€10.700)

(Prices displayed for illustartion purpose in Euro with VAT included)


A nice glass of wine, cold beer,
…an unforgettable audiophile experience.

Every evening from 9pm to ‘roundabout midnight.

€150,- per evening, max 2 persons

deductable on your purchase of €1.000 or mor

To make your appointment
please contact me on
Mobile/Whatsapp: +31683909266

11 + 3 =

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