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As always with ZFM: Be aware that the Euro prices on the ZMF website are excluding VAT. That means that you need to add your local VAT (21% for The Netherlands for example) Plus around 2%-3% import tax on top of their price.

The Eikon is a wonderful closed back headphone full of personality.

Important information on the order proces:
All ZMF Headphones are build to order with a waiting time of 2-6 weeks approximately.
I try to build up stock but it is hard to keep up with the demand.
In order to get your into the build-cue at ZMF, the order needs to be paid in full and the we sit and wait.
Contact me on [email protected] for more details on my stock level and the current waiting time.

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EIKON – /ˈaɪˌkɑn/ – A likeness; an image; an effigy; a powerful combination of information, analytics and dynamic elegance.

CNET:  ZMF Eikon, one of the world’s best headphones, Period.

The ZMF Eikon features our proprietary headphone design, and the ZMF Biocellulose driver which utilizes the highest quality materials and design to create a linear, powerful, dynamic and super resolving sound centered around the drivers ultra low distortion.  The Eikon is the ultimate headphone chameleon, it works great with all genre’s with a punchy sound that is close to neutral, and fully musical.


  • ZMF Camphor Eikon Headphone
  • ZMF Eikon Pads
  • Lambskin headband padding
  • Natural hand applied varnish
  • 5.5 FT Stock Cable
  • S3 6500 Case
  • Owners Card


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