Lotoo PAW S1 Portable USB DAC-Amp Iphone bundle


The Lotoo S1 incl the USB C and the Lightning Cable for Iphone sells online in my shop at Euro 229,- (VAT and shipping included)

If you come and get it in the shop it sells for 219,-

It is quite the little sound wonder I have to say and with the very small – optional – lightning adapter from Lotoo I love the form factor on both Android and Iphone!

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  • High-Performance and High DAC Chip Utilization ; Standalone Headphone Amp
  • The 4.4 Balanced & 3.5 Single-Ended Dual Outputs ; 120mW@32╬ę (per channel) is what makes the S1 a great companion even for over-the-ear headphones as well as IEMs.
  • It is rare to find a dongle-sized DAC like the PAW S1 that supports not only multiple OS but also both Android and iOS.
  • The studio quality EQ/ATE, unique to the Lotoo PAW Lineup, is also available on the PAW S1.
  • Lotoo provides a high/low gain control in the PAW S1 primarily with a safer listening experience in mind. Also, this feature helps to accommodate a wider range of headphones and IEMs.