HAA Orange Series – The Long Balanced Adapter


A Beautiful Solution to a Luxurious Problem:

Connect your mobile balanced cable to your desktop headphone amp and gain an extra meter for a more comfortable evening in your favorite armchair!


So, you’re sitting in my little shop of wonders and – after a cozy listening session – you have found you perfect DAP / Headphone Combination.

But, hold on! Which cable to choose? You’ll want to go balanced to enjoy more control out of DAP.

If you are lucky enough to have picked a Diana by Abyss or a ZMF where you can pick (at least in my shop) your cable ending 2.5 or 4.4. With your new Hifiman or Audeze you will probably choose one my Orange Series or a HAA by S.I.N. Audio balanced cables. 

And you will want to enjoy that balanced cable also on your headphone amplifier.

This is where this adapter comes it. Not only can you use your cable balance 2.5 and 4.4. on you 4XLR, but you also have a extension of 1 meter! Which is just the right length to cover the distance between your amp and your Eames armchair!


HAA Orange Series

Additional information

Female Connector

2.5 mm, 4.4 Pentagon

Incoming connector

2.5 mm female, 4.4 Pentagon female