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Stefan says: As a HiFi Dealer you of course have a lot of cool gear coming your way, but only so often do you notice people around looking at you strange because you just were talking to yourself out loud: “I MUST HAVE THIS!”

And this is exactly what happened to me at the High-End Munich show in the Oswalds Mills Audio – OMA showroom.

I have just not seen such an eccentric and yet completely coherent design approach towards Music Reproduction as in Jonathan Weiss’ creations.

With OMA’s subsidiary Fleetwood Sound Company that attitude and style got a lot more affordable to a point where – and this is the best part – they are basically a no-brainer!

“A 20k€-No-Brainer, he, Stefan?” I hear you say (out loud to your self as you are reading this)…


Because chances are that when you have been working with me in the shop on discovering your perfect High-End Head-Fi system you already own a perfect playing partner for the DeVilles – so you are halfway there already!

Whether you have the most beautiful Riviera AIC-10-BAL, an Audiovalve Solaris or the new Enleum 23R, you will never believe what untapped potential you had sitting at home all that time… at the end of those speaker outlets!

All you need is a half-decent speaker cable and a pair of DeVille and you have a High-End speaker system with – as John says: “The last loudspeakers you’ll ever need.”

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Fleetwood Sound says:

The DeVille loudspeaker is an extremely high quality, compact, two way design made from sustainably harvested, solid Pennsylvania ash hardwood that has been torrefied (thermally treated for tone and stability.) It is the most powerful and efficient design possible for its size, using real professional drivers capable of much lower distortion and higher power handling.

Basically, the DeVille is like having a concert at home; you can turn up the volume far beyond any comparable loudspeaker. These are also the perfect speakers for home theater and gaming. Because when you want them to be loud they need very little power and they don’t run out of steam. We can provide you with a range of excellent options for an amplifier/wifi streamer or other source, but just about any amplifier will run the DeVille’s, from low powered tube to high power solid state.
The DeVille comes in standard black with natural, solid wood horn, top, and bottom; also offered in a wide range of finishes, including Farrow and Ball paints from England.

The DeVille is also available in a near limitless range of custom finishes. Shown here are antiqued leather, Japanese indigo dyed denim, and handmade Japanese washi paper. Other limited edition finishes will be offered periodically, and feel free to contact us if you want to create your own special version of the DeVille.

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Standard Black Finish, Painted (Farrow and Ball) we will discuss the colour separately, Denim, Leather, Handmade Japanese Washi, SQ – Special Quality torrefied ash light, Special Quality torrefied ash dark


Stand A Light Torrefied, Stand B Light Torrefied, Stand A Dark Torrefied, Stand B Dark Torrefied


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