Astell&Kern KANN – Demo Unit in Mint Condition

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Demo Unit in Mint Condition

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One player to rule them all, KANN

Astell&Kern’s KANN provides a new power standard for mobile music performance. Combining a high-quality audio player and a high-performance amplifier, KANN draws on the technological expertise of Astell&Kern, the leading Portable Hi-Fi Audio manufacturer.

Astell&Kern has introduced a new product design that cleverly incorporates a high-performance amplifier into a player for a perfect merger of two independent devices. Supporting the output of 7Vrms when connected via high-gain balanced output, the KANN not only drives high-impedance headphones without an additional amplifier, but also reliably reproduces high-quality sound with low-impedance speakers.

Scalability using USB Audio

To increase flexibility of use, you can connect additional USB Audio to KANN via the micro USB port.
KANN allows output conversion according to the specifications of the external USB Audio that supports DoP (DSD over PCM) or PCM,
and provides continuous music playback with charging via the Type-C USB port while connected to the external USB Audio.

USB audio (Digital Out) output is available only when digital input is possible through USB.
DoP (DSD over PCM): This is a standard for transferring DSD data to USB interface.
This standard sends DSD data by mounting them onto PCM data frames.
To link KANN with an external USB Audio, an OTG cable (purchased separately) is required.
The separately purchased cable connecting the OTG cable to an external USB Audio must be appropriate for the specification of the USB Audio.