ABYSS AB-1266 TC Complete (with new 2020 Headband)


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Upgraded JPS Labs Superconductor HP Dual balanced 8 FT (2.5 meter) 3 pin XLR cable set, the highest performance cables available for the AB-1266, and both 1/4″ (6.3 mm) and 4 pin XLR cable Y-adaptors.

Heavy leather man bag style carry case (made in California, USA) with extra room and pockets for an iPad, portable amp or player, for a completely portable high resolution audio system.

Heavy aluminum extended height headphone stand, laser engraved ABYSS logo, always ready to play.

Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 28 KHz
Impedance: 42 ohms nominal
Phase: Flat
Sensitivity: 88 dB/mW
Distortion: Less than 1%; Less than 0.2% through ears most sensitive range
Weight: 620 grams



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Weight 620 g